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tolaAs more and more guys open their minds as to the dating potential out there, more guys are getting into the bbwhookup scene. It’s about time. For the longest time, most American guys automatically thought that if a woman had a few extra pounds on her, she is not attractive. After all, the standard definition of beauty in the United States has always been that of a very athletic or slim woman.

Thankfully, just as our culture has diversified, our sexual tastes have also diversified. More and more guys are discovering the joys of bbw hookup. Here are just some of the reasons why this is the case.

They Don’t Have Anything to Prove

Bigger women know that they’re big. They also know the conventional wisdom regarding the standard of beauty in our culture. This is why they’re not under a lot of pressure to perform. They’re not under a lot of stress.

They know who they are. They’re comfortable in their skins. And they are more than happy to give a guy who looks at them for sex what he’s looking for. This is why they’re so refreshing. They don’t have anything to prove. They don’t have to put up appearances.

Many Have Awesome Faces

Just because a woman is very big doesn’t mean she’s ugly. Just look at her face. A lot of big women actually have great-looking faces. And let’s face it, if you’re doing somebody missionary style, you’re just looking at her face and having a good time.

There’s More Cushion for the Pushing

There’s a big reason why that old saying “more cushion for the pushing” is so popular. The reason is that when you’re banging somebody, you don’t want to hit bone. You want a little bit of vibration. You want a little bit of tidal action going on. And it adds to the pleasures of you both.

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